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Creative Research

Equally at home with Rom-Coms and Russian arthouse, our team of researchers not only understand the creative zeitgeist, they can help you change it. 

We are constantly immersed in the visual arts, scouring the creative world for images and ideas. We log and digitise everything we find, meaning we can access it all, for you, at a moments notice, so whether you come to us with a fully-fledged script or ‘back of the envelope’ buzz-words, our research team have everything you need to make your ideas snap, crackle & pop.

Licensing, Rights & Clearance

In a world where grumpy cats reign supreme, and the dead are regularly brought back to life, we know that personal & intellectual property clearance is a complicated, time-consuming and often delicate business.

We offer a 360 approach to licensing, from creative research to securing preferential rates, to help make your vision a reality.

Our team have built up long standing relationships with a wide variety of content producers from social media to Hollywood. This access can help drive your project forward with the quick turnaround, exclusive content and lower costs that only experience can bring.

Editing & Animation

The creative process continues in our edit department, where we can offer a range of post-production services, including: animation, titles, voiceovers, grading, audio mixing and of course, razor sharp edits.

With a pool of talent ranging from feature-film storytellers to sizzle-reel specialists, working hand in hand with our research and production teams, your brief will have the best possible chance of realising its potential, on time and on budget.


Our experienced crew has produced broadcast quality video for industry leading brands. Our Collaborative, and inclusive approach, puts you in control of you content.

From brand films or vox pops to high concept visuals, our production staff will guide you through each step of the process from idea creation & development to storyboarding, shooting, post production & delivery, enable to you create the most effective communication for your brand.

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Meet The Team At Hazel's Soho Studio

Hazel May

  • CEO / Founder
  • Loves: Silver shoes
  • Hates: Mushrooms

Jared Brown

  • Head of Research
  • Loves: Apple
  • Hates: Pears

Euan Donaldson

  • Head of Editing
  • Loves: PartChimp
  • Hates: Long tracking shots (with no edits!)

Megan Jackman

  • Head of Production
  • Loves: Snacks
  • Hates: Karaoke

Kyle Willis

  • Head of Creative Services
  • Loves: Spontaneity
  • Hates: Chocolate

Rest of the Team

Hand-picked and farm fresh, Hazel's extended team of researchers, editors, designers, animators and directors can empower your creativity, enabling you to out-think, out-produce and out-niche the competition.

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